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Removing Obstacles
To Accelerate Learning


I have over 30 years of experience in education. My specialty is pinpointing deficits and accelerating growth.  I am passionate about assisting parents and children with the challenges they may face with the often confusing processes in the education setting.    

Educational Credentials:

BS-Therapeutic Recreation-University of Florida

M.Ed.-Special Education-University of Florida


Licensure Credentials:

Learning Disabilities (K-12)

Reading (K-12)

Special Education-General Curriculum

Elementary Education (K-6)

National Board Certified Teacher

Professional Organizations:


Council for Exceptional Children


About Me
Holding Hands

child-centered advocacy

If you are frustrated trying to navigate the education system while your child is struggling, I offer assistance with:


Individualized Education Plans (IEP), Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS), or 504 Processes

Before our meeting I will:

     -Get to know your child and their needs

     -Assist you with understanding the processes

     -Review your rights

     -Make specific educational recommendations

     -Develop an agenda for a meeting


During meetings:

     -Foster collaboration and communication 

       between all stakeholders

     -Ensure that discussions remain child


     -Make specific recommendations to better

       align goals to instruction 


After meetings:

     -Debrief and plan for what comes next

     -Give recommendations for how to follow

       up with the school 

      -Assist with drafting of any correspondence            with school personnel




student evaluation

Parents rely on schools to tell them whether or not their child is performing on grade level. Often this is conveyed through Grades, End-of-Grade Scores, or Classroom measures such as I-Ready or Dibels. While these are important, providing more comprehensive and in-depth information through a standardized evaluation will provide a clearer picture of your child's academic achievement. 


The WIAT-4 (Wechler Individual Achievement Test) Evaluates:




     -Dyslexia Indicator 


Informal assessments will be used to:

     -Pinpoint where intervention

       should begin.

     -Where the gaps are in learning.

Reports (when requested) Will: 

     -be Comprehensive

     -provide evidence-based 


     -present a clear picture of

       strengths and weaknesses


School Supply

evidence based tutoring

All students can learn if the support given to them is properly aligned with their needs. I provide:

*Prescriptive Tutoring

*Intensive Multi-Sensory Approaches

*Research-Based Methods for Reading:

        -Lindamood-Bell LIPS

     -Visualizing and Verbalizing

     -Wilson (Orton-Gillingham approach)

     -Keys to Literacy

     -Other strategy based methods


*Multi-Sensory Math Interventions

*Online Tutoring available based on 

   subject and approach used


What People Say


background image.jpg

Mrs. Kuhn has been one of the most influential educators in my daughter's life thus far.  Her patience and understanding of every child's individuality are one of the many factors that set her aside from all others.  We will never be able to thank her enough for what she has done for our daughter.

-Melissa C.

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Leslie always pushes for her students to get the help they need in their best environment. She was great support for me as a parent. Both of my children pushed through their struggles with her help and are now A and B Students. She has a big heart for helping any child that is struggling and I'm very thankful for that both personally and professionally.

-Lori H. 

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"We are beyond thankful for all that Mrs. Kuhn taught our daughter!! She taught her strategies that Hailey has carried with her and continues to use.  Mrs. Kuhn can reach any child and does so with compassion and education tailored to your child's specific needs."


-Abby S. 

What People Say
background image_edited.jpg


Mrs. Kuhn advocated with the testing administrators at the district level for our daughter to be tested for Dyslexia. She modified her teaching methods based on our daughter’s learning needs. If it wasn’t for Mrs. Kuhn's determination, we don’t know if our daughter would have been able to graduate.

Barbara S. 

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Contact Me:
Leslie G. Kuhn


Click the phone icon to sign up for a 15-minute free consultation. Let's determine how my services can assist you with achieving the goals you have for your child. I look forward to speaking with you.   
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